What should you know before taking a decision?

In order to get an adequate result after a treatment, the disease must be well known and understood by the patient. Caregivers should make their best efforts to divulge the most important diseases and their prevention into patients, and varicose veins are among them. The more understandable information that is provided, the bigger the successes in prevention and treatment of this disease.

How to achieve this?

  • Medical colleges

    They allow to check whether the physician treating you has the registered specialty of Angiology and Vascular Surgery. More info
  • Informed consent

    Always demand a written Informed Consent Form (ICF) before any procedure. It is compulsory according to the law, and also protects the patient from inadequate practice. Read it with attention.
  • All the information

    Demand all the information needed to understand your problem.

  • Caution

    With miracle treatments, trends and over-advertised procedures.

  • A matter of health

    Aesthetics are always a concern, but your problem goes beyond aesthetics. Trust your vascular surgeon if he/she has the compulsory certifications under Spanish law.