What can you do?

Avoiding the appearance of varicose veins is not always possible. Even under good control of risk factors, genetics have a decisive influence. However, some simple measures can be of help to decrease discomfort and delay the onset of new varicose veins.

  • Move your legs

    If you have a sedentary work or stand for long hours, try to exercise your legs and ankles. Put your legs up and refresh them as often as possible.

  • Regular exercise

    Practice regular physical activity: walking, running, cycling, swimming…

  • Compression stockings

    Use as often as possible
  • Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, try to rest with your legs elevated and on your left side. Hydrate your skin regularly and protect your legs from sun effects.
  • Prescriptions

    Comply with the treatments prescribed to you

What should you avoid?

  • Sedentary lifestyle

    Avoid being too sedentary and remaining too much time standing or seated.

  • Inadequate clothing

    Try to avoid too tight garments, garters, girdles and high heels.
  • Weight and contraceptives

    Control overweight and avoid taking contraceptives if they can be replaced by other measures.

    Overexposure to heat and sun.